Stehe 16 okt

Stehe 16 okt

Gestern war briard Training.If Mumms says sitze und bleibe es speilt keine Rolle was sie macht dann sitze ich da.Tunnel ist viel Spaß.

ok yesterday was briard Training.Fun with the Tunnels but why they had to call on me I don’t know I took the tunnels in full speed many times and they seemed to be happy about it.But I had to do it my self…..they did not come along in..This I don’t understand.. It was fun…and godis in the end every time.The other dogs had to jump over hurdles up over a high thing walking..hmmm some of them fell down…not so fun..

Today is wrestling day.Welpenschule.Hmm we will see which dog I have to take down this eveNing hihi……

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