Stehe 16 okt

Stehe 16 okt

Gestern war briard Training.If Mumms says sitze und bleibe es speilt keine Rolle was sie macht dann sitze ich da.Tunnel ist viel Spaß.

ok yesterday was briard Training.Fun with the Tunnels but why they had to call on me I don’t know I took the tunnels in full speed many times and they seemed to be happy about it.But I had to do it my self…..they did not come along in..This I don’t understand.. It was fun…and godis in the end every time.The other dogs had to jump over hurdles up over a high thing walking..hmmm some of them fell down…not so fun..

Today is wrestling day.Welpenschule.Hmm we will see which dog I have to take down this eveNing hihi……


Heute Abend es ist briard Training in Töss Winterthur .Dass ist viel Spaß dann alle gibt mir etwas gut zu essen.

Ich bin 12,5 Woche alt.

Today it is briard Training in Winterthur.Bin there before.The best thing is that everyone gives me treats Of all sorts.Ok the other dogs are big but wait soon I am there to.last Saturday on my 12 weeks day my weight was 13 kg.

My mummy has to carry me in and out of the tram and train.And then I have taken my chance for a little bite in the cheek or a scratch on her nose…Not that she likes it but


I survived!!!

Im wet! But my furless evil plan to drown me in the pouring rain failed.

Tho we found a very strange creature on our lawn.


Dead silent and red, tastes about the same as the kitchen chairs.

Will investigate this further.



Horrible news!

One of the furless are putting on somekind of secondary furless skin in some mysteriuos material, it tastes like those black snakes i snapped behind the sofa. When I cut it I experienced a nice tingeling sensation with an interesting bite. Since I did get a lot of attention from the furless I guess they encourage me to slaugter more snakes and belive me behind the TV set I have alot to kill.

Now over to the horrible plot by the furless, I heard the words of take a walk… Bit heyhey! it is raining!!!! And I have FUR…

I qoute kråkan.

Hjälp!!! Jag blir blöt!!!!!

I hope I survive this and will update the blog after this horrible thing..


/CG over and out.

Hi there!

Looki looki


Hi there! I’m a daytime Bjäbb, terrorist by night, and this is my blog.

I live in Zürich, and share a flat with two strange creatures with no fur and believe me, they do really puzzle me with their strange act’s and behavior.

This blog will mostly cover my findings over my two owners and their oddities.